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NNSquad Network Measurement Agent (NNMA)
Beta Release - 29 May 2008

Installable (Win 2000, XP, Vista) BETA Distribution (Zip / Tar)
(OK for installation and testing under both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows)

Source (LGPL 2.1) BETA Distribution (Zip / Tar)

General information contact: lauren@vortex.com

Please send any specific reports or questions regarding this software to:


The NNSquad Network Measurement Agent (NNMA) monitors network activity on computer systems, looking for and flagging a variety of potential problems.  NNMA also includes a special function that attempts to detect reset (RST) packets that may have been injected into a TCP connection by any entity not located at the connection endpoints (for more on this feature, please see the NNMA methodology notes).

While the reset packet detection system included in this release is of interest, NNSquad views this package as more important in the long run as a development base for a broad range of network measurement functionalities and associated communications and analysis efforts.

The NNSquad Network Measurement Agent (NNMA) Beta is released as open-source software under the LGPL (2.1), by the Network Neutrality Squad project of People For Internet Responsibility (PFIR).  It was developed from the "Buster" network management and security program, which was specifically open-sourced by its authors at Praemio, Inc. in furtherance of the NNSquad project.  Additional licensing details are included in both the installable and source distribution archives.

This package is suitable for installation on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.  It should not be installed on earlier versions of Windows. 

Please let us know if you're interested in coordinating on ports to other platforms, such as Linux, BSD, and Mac, or embedded hardware (e.g. WRT54G router).

Special thanks to John Bartas for all of his diligent and continuing work on this software for NNSquad.

NNMA is currently experimental, proof-of-concept "beta" software.  Bugs and potentially undesirable behavior may be present, and there are cosmetic issues that will be eliminated as development continues.  The user accepts all risks from installation and use of this software.  Full documentation is not currently available for this beta package.  If you're not comfortable working with beta software, please do not install this package.  

Please see the release notes (in the README.txt file within both the installable and source distribution archives) for more information.

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