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[ NNSquad ] Comcast using Sandvine to Interfere with P2P

> At 11:48 PM 11/7/2007, Robb Topolski wrote:
> >Using the Comcast P2P interference as an example, in this case,
> >Comcast has degraded the performance of a non-favored application.

On 11/8/07, Brett Glass <nnsquad@brettglass.com> wrote:
> Or, from Comcast's point of view, it is preventing network abuse and
> stopping customers from violating the terms of their contracts.

If this is Comcast's position, then there are many other ways to do
this without forging and injecting RST TCP packets onto the Internet
and to their customers.

Furthermore, what they are doing ultimately does not prevent "network
abuse," nor does it stop customers from "violating their terms of
their contracts" (which are overly broad and vague).  As implemented
by Comcast, the popular BitTorrent and eDonkey clients still can
upload at full speed -- so what's being prevented?
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