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[ NNSquad ] Re: How do I detect connection disruption by my IAP?

Is there any report of them sending fin packets to stop connections?  Last night I saw alot of uploads being stopped after the handshake completes with abrupt FIN packets. They then try to reestablish themselves only to be blocked again.  I did not have control over any of the endpoints so do not know what was seen on that end.  I changed ports and enabled a feature called protocol obfuscation which changes the signature of the connection.  The problem went away for a few hours but has since returned.
>You would want to zero in on TCP SYN packets immediately followed by a
>TCP RST packet, i.e., the handshake would never complete.
I think it's unlikely that the RST would be in response to the SYN, and
traces such as the one at
show that it's occurring rather later on in the connection.

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