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[ NNSquad ] Re: [OT?] NN definition(s?)

On Nov 13, 2007, at 10:19 AM, Brett Glass wrote:
What to do? Shape traffic, allowing users to peak at a higher rate and then throttling them back. Our rates include a CIR as well as an average throughput. Frankly, it hurts us to be truthful and open about this. If a user takes the average as "the" speed of the connection and compares what is quoted to what the cable companies and telcos advertise (they always advertise the maximum raw data rate of the modem), we look slower.

It only hurts you to be truthful and open if your competitors aren't being (or aren't being forced to be) equally truthful and open. Given the picture you've painted from the service provider end, shouldn't smaller ISPs like yourself be actively championing the establishment of legislation, standards, and tools that will help ensure consumers have an accurate view of the Internet service they're receiving? We should be allies, not adversaries, in the quest to narrow the gap between the broadband connections that are advertised versus what is actually delivered. The marketing muscle of Comcast et al will always provide them with an advantage in an ill- informed marketplace. There's a natural alliance here between NNSquad folk and the many smaller ISPs struggling to provide more options in an anti-competitive environment that should be fostered.