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[ NNSquad ] Re: EVDO Observation

Bob Frankston wrote:
I noticed that EVDO drops a connection at 4GB -- as per one test I did. They

Note that they say if you transfer 5 GB in a *month* they assume you're streaming video or doing something else against the terms of service and cancel your account. So much for "unlimited" service, or something that can meaningfully compete with wired Internet access.

also have the concept of a dormant state that allows you to receive
connections as I did with Skype. This is a while back as I haven't been
using my EVDO connection lately. Verizon is indeed relatively neutral but
with quirks such as port blocking and traffic limitations.

Yes, the dormant state is designed to allow the air channel to drop while keeping the PPP state. (Although EVDO is CDMA, a low power timing and tracking signal is still transmitted when no data is being sent, and this ties up base station hardware and a little channel capacity.)

Unfortunately they also drop the PPP state after only 10 minutes of link activity and when you bring it back up, your IP address has usually changed.

The ironic thing is that they use Mobile IP internally, something I have never understood.