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[ NNSquad ] Characterizing broadband networks without client software

This paper appeared in this year's Internet Measurement Conference:

Marcel Dischinger, Andreas Haeberlen, Krishna P. Gummadi, Stefan Saroiu: Characterizing Residential Broadband Networks. http://www.imconf.net/imc-2007/papers/imc137.pdf

A server can measure many properties of a broadband link by sending a ping flood and measuring the inter-arrival times of the responses. This paper also explains how to measure many more properties than the usual bandwidth tests. The paper explicitly does not consider cross traffic (e.g. congestion caused by other subscribers of the same ISP), but for NN purposes cross traffic might be useful to measure.

It would be interesting to make such a server available to the public on an opt-in basis, giving users long-term statistics about their connections. Aggregation of such data could also help customers choose between ISPs.

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