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[ NNSquad ] Re: Speculation, how AT&T can implement "copyright filtering" without wiretapping/dpi...

My presentation was just a bunch of PowerPoints (done with Open Office), so there's not much to it. You can see the relevent portion of starting here: http://bennett.com/blog/Presentations/img18.html

Bob Frankston was on the panel with me, and he can correct this if need be, but as I recall there was a gasp in the room when the slide with the peer list came up; nobody knew finding pirates was so simple with BitTorrent.

Regarding TCP Resets, we've learned from the Comcast example that they can be generated by a machine no more powerful (or expensive) than a standard PC.

I believe systems like this are a rational response to rampant piracy.


Nick Weaver wrote:
>> On Jan 27, 2008 8:35 PM, Richard Bennett <richard@bennett.com> wrote:
>> >
> >>> Is there any reason that such an automated system should not be used, or
>>> does Net Neutrality now connote a license to steal?
>>> >
> Well, theres the issue of system abuse (eg DMCA abuse) and false
> positives, but it is a very good question.
> Also, one more comments: RST injection is not as effective, as not
> only do you need to do enough monitoring to determine the TCP flow(s)
> in question (which needs new hardware) but the P2P system colud switch
> to UDP.
> Thus router ACLs to implement pair-blocking (or a device doing
> pair-blocking) is the resillient approach for the ISP.