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[ NNSquad ] Re: nyt blog

On Tue, Jan 08, 2008 at 10:50:41PM -0500, lynn wrote:
> i have a lot of questions if this happens, or isps try to implement.

It's occured to me that one way to render such a system useless (or at
least less useful) is to flood it with false positives.   It should be
possible to reverse-engineer the detection criteria and then distribute
software which does something like this:

	while (1) {
		listen for a connection from any X in the pool of peers
		select a random snippet A from X's bucket
		receive A from X
		sleep random time
		see if there are any X's accepting connection
		select a random snippet B from the local bucket
		send B to X
		sleep random time

I'm thinking that the bucket should be filled with lots of interesting
things, including random data stamped with *their* watermarks.

Perhaps for maximum effect such a program should be distributed with
a snippet of code that prevents it from executing before a certain time --
so that when millions of instances of it go live, they all do so at once.

Just an idle thought while I try to get Monday morning caffeine
levels up to "functional".  ;-)