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[ NNSquad ] Re: More on Verizon's rejection of AT&T's attitude toward filtering

However, it should be noted again that there's a push in Europe --
and signs of a push starting here in the U.S. -- for legislation to
require content monitoring/filtering (or at least an *attempt* at
these, since we know that their "effectiveness" will be ultimately
limited, as we've previously discussed) regardless of any given ISP's
own stand on the issue today.

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> A few years ago Ivan Seidenberg spoke at the Massachusetts Software Council
> and I had a chance to ask him if Verizon could make money in the pure data
> business without added services. He said yes and I think he really believes
> it.
> This is in sharp contrast with the real ATT which, upon buying MediaOne,
> said that it deserved a percentage of the commerce done over its network.
> Excite@Home debacle seems to have been based on this assumption. This
> attitude seems to be part of SBC (faux ATT) as Whiteacre's comments (to
> Steve Levy originally) showed when his "deserving" attitude created so much
> controversy. 
> Perhaps there are real difference between ATT and Verizon.
> Alas, I don't think that the pure data business is viable in the absence of
> scarcity but that's another topic. For now I'm glad Verizon does believe
> there's a business in bits.
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