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[ NNSquad ] Verizon in perspective

The statements from Verizon expressing a lack of interest in
AT&T-style content filtering are very welcome, and there have
been other positive moves by Verizon, but we should keep things
in perspective whenever possible.

On the positive front, we also have Verizon Wireless' "any device,
any app" service level statements (though pricing details have yet
to be announced for this as far as I know).  The practical
competitive impact is somewhat unclear -- AT&T/Cingular has long
pretty much allowed any compatible GSM device on their wireless
network and seems to be application transparent in my experience.

There are indications that Verizon Wireless has been loosening their
notoriously restrictive terms of service (a detailed discussion
is at: http://wifinetnews.com/archives/008047.html ).  This is an
interesting development, especially given that Verizon Wireless has
also been traditionally very restrictive on device capabilities,
even blocking bluetooth local file access capabilities on some
devices, for example.

There have been some recent negatives for Verizon, such as the
controversy over their initial refusal to let an abortion-rights
group run a text messaging campaign (Verizon backed off when this
became a significant media story).  There's also the issue of Verizon
deploying mistyped domain names DNS redirection in a manner
reminiscent in some ways of VeriSign's much criticized Site Finder

So overall, while it appears that Verizon is moving in a positive
direction in some key respects -- and again their stance against
content filtering is a very good sign -- we should keep in mind that
there are complex and changing dynamics in play (including political
ones) that will require continuous appraisal.

NNSquad Moderator