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[ NNSquad ] A routing question

I decided to try out streaming HD over my FiOS connection – in particular http://www.abc.com Lost. It’s available in both HD and nonHD. The 2Mbps required is a tiny fraction of my connection speed. But at first it was very choppy and dropping out audio and the video stuck.


But then it started to “just work” and “just work” very well. The HD looked very sharp on my 2500x1600 display and even the nonHD version looked almost as good.


My question is whether the problem I saw and the subsequent improvements were due to algorithms used by the carriers to try to guess what the streams were and then, in effect, setup a circuit.


This might make sense if routing is very complex and I argue it is unnecessary complex because it’s about managing scarcity and without scarcity it become much simpler – just hop an available fiber to get across the country.


This is a central NN issue because if we’re managing to make the Internet work like television by treating it like television then we’ve got just the façade of the Internet as a way to do what we don’t expect and haven’t planned for. We might have neutrality in some real sense but we don’t have opportunity.