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[ NNSquad ] Competition

Just as a point of interest, there are readers of this list in some
parts of the world who are laughing themselves silly at some of the
arguments we see here.

Why?  Because they realize that if there was broad competition in
the Internet access industry in the U.S., especially if wholesale and
retail components were *effectively* decoupled so that the range of
options were available here that are available in various other
countries, many of these other problems would vanish, or at least be
significantly reduced.  U.S. Internet users by and large don't have
a clue about how incredibly limited and primitive their choices are
here.  They simply don't know that there's better possible.

The essential problem with letting ISPs make these decisions in 
our largely unregulated environment is that most Internet users have
few options (some have none!) when it comes to alternatives to ISP
policies with which they don't agree.

Voting with your feet is impossible if effective competition is
so limited that your feet are cut off.

NNSquad Moderator