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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comcast claims FCC can't control Comcast's Internet practices

A third possibility -- the FCC doesn't have authority but the FTC and others
can ask why a service provider has control of the transport at all. 

Whose Internet is it anyway? A service provided by a carrier or do we have
the basic right to communicate? I don't really expect the FTC to act but I
do hope realize that it's our network and not a service that is only
available if it's profitable to a carrier.

The choice is not just FCC vs. Comcast -- it's FCC vs. Comcast vs. us.

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    [ It seems likely that one of two conditions exists in this regard:
      1) Contrary to Comcast's assertion, the FCC does have the
	 appropriate authority.  


      2) The FCC indeed doesn't have the authority ... YET.

         -- Lauren Weinstein
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