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[ NNSquad ] Bonus message from Brett

Gang, as a matter of decorum and general good taste, I usually don't
send out messages like the one below.  But since Brett addressed it
to nnsquad, and since he constantly suggests that I'm "censoring" him
by not sending out enough of his messages, I thought I'd share this
one with you.  Consider it to be a bonus message for "calibration"

This is nothing compared to what shows up in private mail from Mr. Glass,

Note that the quoted text is mine, not Nick's.

I'll leave it to the readership at large to decide where the
"irrationality" may reside.

All the best for the Labor Day Weekend.

NNSquad Moderator

 - - -

Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 16:14:18 -0600
To: "Nick Weaver" <nweaver@gmail.com>, nnsquad <nnsquad@nnsquad.org>
From: Brett Glass <brett@lariat.net>
Subject: Re: [ NNSquad ]  Do the Happy Dance people...

At 08:09 AM 8/30/2008, Nick Weaver wrote:

>    If ISPs should decide -- as per your speculation -- that they
>    can just "ignore" the analysis of those who question various of
>    their (often proprietary) network management decisions, they do
>    so at an ever increasing peril of additional and continuing
>    regulatory and legislative interventions.

Translation: "I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!"

Please, Lauren, keep crying for infinite resources at zero cost.
It will reveal your complete irrationality to everyone.

--Brett Glass