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[ NNSquad ] Re: The slow convergence of Internet and TVs

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Verizon already uses "the Internet" for their VoD. So did @Home. The article
is full of bogus claims about Blue Screens of death -- the Internet is not
the PC. And, anyway, the STBs crash too.


Verizon doesn't want to you call it "the Internet" because then it would be
obvious how extremely non-neutral they are. 


My son was surprised when I told him that Verizon VoD was done over IP -- I
run it through my standard Draytek router along with my other traffic.
Unlike Hulu there aren't any buffering pauses even for HD - and their
protocols are too brittle to deal with hiccups.


So TV is already over IP and that the STB is an IP=>Video converter box.


Shouldn't one goal of NN be to get a level playing field so that carrier
content doesn't get absolute priority via reserved capacity? There is no
magic -- if I try to watch too many VoD streams it decays poorly -- at least
Hulu and others use protocols that deal with the contention gracefully
instead of depending on the false promise of QoS and then failing when it
turns out the carrier can't even do QoS for its own traffic on its own
reserved capacity?

    [ But are Verizon video services operated by brain-eating
      space aliens like Hulu claims to be?  Is there network
      neutrality in outer space?  (Sounds like a line from
      "Plan 9 ...")

         -- Lauren Weinstein
            NNSquad Moderator ]

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The slow convergence of Internet and TVs





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