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[ NNSquad ] Re: Medina proposal abandoned in Europe

Stefano Quintarelli wrote:

fresh news.

The Medina proposal included the "graduated response" (aka 3 strikes), filtering and responsibilities for ISPs.

the proposal has been deferred "sine die"; most likely never, as sources familiar with the matter say.

Maybe somebody who is good at both French and English can provide a decent translation of this. Here is what babelfish.yahoo.com made out of it:

Last January 20, in Brussels, the commission of legal affairs (JURI) voted for a text in particular preaching the measured reaction, the filtering of the online contents and the reinforcement of the responsibility for the suppliers of access Internet (see our topicality). This report/ratio, known as Medina report/ratio because chapeauté by the Spanish socialist deputy Manual Medina Ortega, did not die, but more really of topicality.

In total contradiction with amendment 138 of the Package Telecom deposited by eurodéputés Guy Bono, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, and Zuzana Roithová, the vote of the text caused a strong mediatization and raised shields by certain Socialists even who underlined the lack of logic between the texts. The whole in of full framework of the European elections.

After a passage in plenary session envisaged second week of February, then pushed back in March, one thus learns today that the report/ratio is not any more topicality. According to our sources, Manuel Medina Ortega even meant to him in Jacques Toubon that the report/ratio was deferred “sine die”. That means that it can reappear in September, as in three years or never.