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[ NNSquad ] E-Mail Address Terror Hits NNSquad Archive

Greetings.  A few days ago, you may remember that I forwarded to this
list an interesting item sent to me by Richard M. Smith.

Today I received a plea from Richard for me to remove his name and
e-mail address from that posting in the NNSquad archive, for fear of
it exposing him to [the apparently unspeakable horrors of] additional
spam by revealing his e-mail address to the robotic spam overlords.

I receive vast numbers of items (like his) sent to my
lauren@vortex.com address every day of that sort, including references
to stories of interest.  Unless those messages are obviously a private
communication or are explicitly marked in some way, I normally
consider it appropriate to forward them onward to venues of possible
interest -- and up until now I've received no complaints about this.

Personally, I believe that trying to hide e-mail addresses presents a
marginal protection against spam at best -- sooner or later you're
going to use those addresses, and once used they're liable to leak
out, one way or another, even if you restrict their use to automated
systems and the like.

Be that as it may, while I wouldn't ordinarily modify the archives in
this manner, I have honored Richard's request and explanation that he
didn't expect the message to be shared (though there was no warning
not to do so).  

But I did feel that an explanation to the list regarding this archive
alteration was in order.  In the future, if you're going to send me an
external item that isn't meant for consideration for posting to the
list, please be explicit in telling me so -- it will help to avoid
confusion all around.

OK, one more thing we have to do.  You all received copies of that
message from Richard and you can't be permitted to retain the memory
of his address, so I want you to please stare at your screens and pay
no attention to the bright flash that will appear shortly ...

 @ X @ X @ X @

Yes, the weather is very nice in L.A. today.  Getting hot out here
in the Valley, but that's what it does this time of year.  Thanks
for asking!

NNSquad Moderator