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[ NNSquad ] All networks are not considered equal

One form of non-neutrality is path-dependent rules. We see this particularly in the cellular world as per http://frankston.com/?name=AssuringScarcity.


According to http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/microsofts-app-store-killer-the-12-commandments-2009057/ Microsoft has some interesting restrictions. Some are just preventing competition and bypassing of the store’s ability to get a commission. Others are there to protect the cellular business model:

·         No VoIP over cellular – VoIP over Wi-Fi is OK.

·         Dialers, SMS or MMS apps that replace or modify default programs.

·         Apps over 10MB in size won’t be allowed to download via a cellular network.


There are others that one might defend in terms of security or user experience.


These restrictions aren’t necessarily all that different from Apple’s or even Google’s Android site. In favor of Microsoft I note that their existing ATT phone comes with Internet Connection Sharing (A NAT) which goes beyond simple tethering and that’s a very positive – at least for now. The iPhone and T-Mobile’s Android make it very difficult to use the devices as paths.