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[ NNSquad ] More on Uploaded Video

As one of those who was reluctant to turn on the "show me" portion of
video at the 1964(!) World's Fair, I have noted the drawbacks to
"video phone calls" for a long, long time. But I suggest the use of
uploaded video will come in other areas:

1. surveillance -- not just "crimestoppers" (where data suggests it is
not as effective as hoped), but seeing kids at play, checking on pets,
watching for wildlife, et al.

2. remote diagnostics -- show your sick plant or misbehaving appliance
to the expert without you or the expert having to travel -- high
resolution photographs may also be involved, which also have upload

3. remote instruction -- music, art, athletics, exercise/training,
language, public speaking, and perhaps other subjects can all benefit
from situations in which the teacher and the student can see and hear
each other, in enough detail for such things as intonation in music,
exact colors in painting, mouth shape and accent in language and
public speaking, exact movement and placement of body parts in
exercise/training, etc.

4. online gaming -- although not "live video," performing at top speed
requires equivalent amounts of data to be uploaded.

So even though many of us are reluctant to do "video phone," we may
have many other reasons to be uploading high resolution photos and
video and sound.

Rollie Cole

Rollie Cole
5315 Washington Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46220-3062