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[ NNSquad ] Oral evidence at the UK Parliamenraty hearings on Internet traffic

This is link provides access to the written record of the oral evidence given to the Parliamentary committee on Internet Traffic in the UK  held on July 6th/7th.  http://www.apcomms.org.uk/category/Activities/
The issue of net neutrality is subliminal throughout.  There is no open ended commitment to a Neutral Net in the UK. The focus is creating competitive markets,  with recourse via the Competition act. 
Document 1  - The Music industry provide their take on graduated response.  ISPA discuss the MOU on the same.  Openrights group did request adoption of Norwegian Net Neutrality principles.
T-Mobile provide the affordability excuse for blocking Skype on their cheap packages,  and BT push their ADQ solution to congestion caused by TV/Video downloads
Doc 2 records the debate on privacy,  which includes questioning of Phorm and Privacy International.  Interception issue not dealt with.  The lack of opt in is discussed.  Implicit and implied consent examined. More presentations will be needed on browsers and cookies.
Document 3 - Questions to Internet Watch Foundation, and Inhope.  Discussion on crime detection or lack of crime detection.
Questioning of Ofcom, BERR and Home Office on dominance of Google, universal coverage, avoiding net neutrality,  and more on privacy. 
The MPs will publish conslusions,  which will suggest changes any changes in direction for regulation or legisation if needed.  There remains little appreciation that the Internet is an Open and neutral platform.
This is a good record of challenges, confusion and poor information UK law makers are attempting to contend with!
Mike Kiely

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