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[ NNSquad ] In AT&T vs. Verizon 3G ad war, multitasking now in focus

In the continuing battle of the ads between AT&T and Verizon Wireless,
AT&T is now broadly running a commercial spot pointing out that the
existing Verizon 3G network does not support simultaneous voice calls
and data, while AT&T's (and I might add, T-Mobile's) 3G network does
support such simultaneous usage (when you're in 3G service mode, of

Unspoken is that you actually *could* do data and voice at the same
time with Verizon if data was over Wi-Fi, but since the ad is
specifically discussing competing cellular networks this seems a
largely forgiveable omission.

http://bit.ly/5W5hYI  (YouTube)

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