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[ NNSquad ] Re: AT&T defender switches sides

Lauren, I remember you noting that those of us living on the PDA plan would one day be caught “cheating” by ATT. Turns out that they won’t be because it’s a real loop hole that they are trying to close.


I ran into this when I returned from traveling. I managed to lose my ATT SIM card for my Tilt on the flight from IST to AMS. When I tried to replace the SIM card t the store clerk said I would need to add a data plan. I balked and went home to read the requirements. It said that any plan change after Nov 1st 2009 would require I add a data plan. I had flown back on Oct 31st and had gone to the ATT store the next day. But I wasn’t changing my plan and the next day I got a replacement without qualm.


Just replacing the phone should not affect the use of the SIM unless, as in this case, you are taking advantage of a “plan”.


I ran into this when I tried to use my G1. Previously it had worked on ATT’s network, albeit with Edge, not 3G. Now it didn’t. Apparently ATT now requires that the phone be listed as a PDA in their database. And the G1 wasn’t. I don’t know whether my old SIM card would continue to support data on the G1. I do take this as evidence that had I switched to another PDA recognized by ATT they would’ve been required to honor their original agreement.


So what’s the deal? Well, the PDA plan was a mistake on ATT’s part because they didn’t seem to understand that bits are bits are bits. But remember that this is the same industry that used to think all you need was one or two megabytes a month because that’s all you need to read email.


So if it’s their network then they can charge whatever the traffic will bear and if that’s $30/month for a data plan so be it.

Except, that is, the traffic has no choice but bear it because there is no effective competition because the carriers control the cellular network and the worse job the do supporting data they more rationale they have to charging for a data plan and limiting its effectiveness.


This is why the focus should be on ATT’s confession that they can’t run a data network and not accept their attempt to blame the users.




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AT&T defender switches sides


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