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[ NNSquad ] Security in the Ether: Cloud Computing? Or "Swamp" Computing?

Security in the Ether: Cloud Computing? Or "Swamp" Computing?

An important article worth reading:

http://bit.ly/4uYabf  (MIT Technology Review)

My personal "thumbnail" view on this is that:

a) Cloud Computing" holds enormous promise.

b) Most of the key security and other operational issues associated
   with cloud computing are solvable, including aspects of pervasive
   encryption that would protect cloud computing clients from
   potential snooping by theoretically postulated unscupulous cloud
   service providers.

c) The financial and intellectual resources (including basic policy
   analysis) required to understand and solve these problems on an 
   *a priori* basis, rather than on an "after there's a mess" reactive
   basis, are in general insufficiently emphasized and deployed.

d) Given (c), not all of the current rush to cloud computing on today's
   widely available platforms can necessarily be justified as wise,
   particularly where sensitive and/or privacy-critical data is

Or in other words, Cloud Computing can be a Really Good Thing if done
right, but let's not get the cart in front of the horse.

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