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[ NNSquad ] Baidu Removes Anti-Google Blog Rant (Before and After)

Greetings.  You may recall my posting yesterday of an automated Google
translation of a rather incendiary posting by Baidu, regarding
Google's announced China policy change.  Google's announcement has
been making waves around the world -- but less so among China's
public, where the news has been significantly suppressed, and existing
items on the topic have reportedly been vanishing from Chinese sites.

The translated original posting, authored I'm told by Baidu's chief
architect on his blog was:

http://bit.ly/5XvnFI  (Translated)

http://bit.ly/8yQPPq  (Original Chinese locally hosted [Version 1])

I've hosted the original texts locally, since I was concerned that
they might turn out to be rather ephemeral in nature.

This turned out to be true, and the original posting has now vanished,
replaced by a note explaining that the author doesn't officially
represent Baidu:

http://bit.ly/7oNh38  (Translated)

http://bit.ly/6fz8lR  (Original Chinese locally hosted [Version 2])

Moral: Be very careful what you say behind The Great Firewall of China.

NNSquad Moderator