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[ NNSquad ] Secure and Free Telephony Over IP: SIP Witch

David Sugar will be presenting SIP Witch, the secure telephony portion
of the GNU Telephony project, this Saturday at the Southern California
Linux Expo (SCALE/8X) (http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale8x/).

SIP Witch is designed to provide truly liberated and secure telephony
over IP networks.

David Sugar: Communication Privacy for Free Societies:

"This project will offer the means for anyone to create and deploy
network scalable and secure VoIP/collaboration solution to enable
privacy without the need for a central service provider or proprietary
software to achieve these goals. Our overall vision is to facilitate
both solutions that are privately built, such as for organizations
that wish to have secure communication as a foundation, and especially
which can be autonomously assembled over the public Internet as a full
public alternative to Skype using only free software and that depends
purely on existing DNS for user lookup, rather than a service
provider, and eliminates the use of source secret clients which can of
course be compromised."

>From the GNU Telephony site

GNU SIP Witch is our VOIP call, provisioning, and feature server of
the GNU Project. GNU SIP Witch supports using secure telephone
extensions, for placing and receiving calls directly over the
internet, and intercept-free peer-to-peer audio and video extensions.
GNU SIP Witch also is being introduced as a desktop VoIP mediation
service to enable the construction of participatory bottom-up secure
calling networks and to enable replacement of Skype with free software
and published protocols. As a desktop mediation service, GNU SIP Witch
can solve issues like NAT in one place for all user agents, and offer
new ways to route and redirect VoIP much like gstreamer does for
desktop media.

Slides describing the SIP Witch security scheme here:

Secure Calling Project Goals:

  - To empower people, individually and collectively, to 
    communicate and collaborate privately and securely in 
    real-time worldwide
  - To establish secure communications as the default 
    communication infrastructure
  - To enable secure anonymous communication worldwide and 
    protect users who exercise their basic human freedom of 
  - To provide secure communication services universally on 
    all computing platforms

Key Advantages of SIP Witch and GNU Telephony:

  - Anyone can review what they receive; no hidden backdoors
  - Anyone can modify the software for their specific needs 
    or for specific platforms
  - Anyone can redistribute the software and help make it 
    widely available
  - Everyone has universal and unrestricted access to the 
    software worldwide
  - Everyone can participate on an equal basis in it's 
  - No-one can remove the software from availability once 

Saturday's Schedule:

SCALE/8X is also hosting OSSIE (Open Source Software in Education
Seminar) and Women in Open Source (WiOS) on Friday (tomorrow):