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[ NNSquad ] YouTube reconsiders "artistic nudity" (questions of policy)

YouTube reconsiders "artistic nudity" (questions of policy)

http://bit.ly/9VEwjQ  (L.A. Times)

It's very much worth noting the "damned if you do and damned if you
don't" aspects of this situation.  Google is being criticized on the
presumed grounds that it removed videos too quickly and
inappropriately ... at the same time that Google execs were just
*criminally convicted* in Italy of not moving fast enough (even though
removal was within a day or so) to remove an "offensive" video.

I believe that YouTube users are now uploading over 24 hours of video
per real-time minute, and that ratio is only going to get more
extreme.  Demands from some quarters that Google "pre-screen" YouTube
content are utterly impractical.

That said, the particular "artistic nudity" case under discussion may
be an example of the broader issues Google has in the customer support
area, especially when dealing with unusual or persistant problems,
particularly when related to policy matters 
( "Google's Customer Support Dilemma Intensifies"
  - http://bit.ly/7BCYGe [ Lauren's Blog ] ).

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