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[ NNSquad ] FW: FCC plans spectrum-flog to fund broadband

And add to this a battle over spectrum with broadcasters … well, it’s a good way to seem busy while accomplishing little.


From: Bob Frankston [mailto:Bob19-0501@bobf.frankston.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 17:11
To: 'dave@farber.net'
Subject: FCC plans spectrum-flog to fund broadband




The idea of selling “spectrum” seems to be self-contradictory magical thinking.


If we do get abundant connectivity then the value of “spectrum” goes to zero because we no longer need single hop signaling. This form of funding requires that we maintain scarcity by prevent wireless bits and wired bits from being interchangeable.


And once we have scarcity we need more money to cover the costs of managing it – this is the dynamic we see with each cost justified by another even if it all nets out to zero. The friction in the process is frightfully expensive.