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[ NNSquad ] Re: Why Networks Want to Kill Hulu?

Let's be careful about our feelings towards this. Yes, Hulu has played an important role in advancing availability but in the end they are like AOL when it thought it would be the portal through which everyone got to the Internet and now we have a TV portal.

The demise of Hulu isn’t the end of TV content over the net but it does mean that loss of a simple unified interface. I can understand they the networks don’t want to share. The question is whether the value they gain by being part of Hulu is sufficient to make up for having to share the revenue.

If you don’t need Hulu as a uniform interface then what about “cable” which is a far more limited interface that has veto power over what people view. Are the spats over revenue sharing a sign of the end of that business model?


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Why Networks Want to Kill Hulu?


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