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[ NNSquad ] Interesting Google Paper in SCRIPTed: "Opt-In Dystopias"

Interesting Google Paper in SCRIPTed: "Opt-In Dystopias"

http://bit.ly/9uf3hc  (Univ. of Edinburgh School of Law - PDF)

While I would not agree 100% with every assertion made in the document
linked above, the authors make a variety of very interesting and in
some cases quite insightful points, and the paper overall tends to
illustrate how complex the area of opt-in vs. opt-out models is
becoming, and how possible unintended consequences can result from
either methodology.  Don't let anyone tell you that these operational
planning decisions can always (or even usually in today's context) be
simple ones to make.

Important reading.

NNSquad Moderator