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[ NNSquad ] Report: FCC Chairman will propose some ISP regulation (but the war has only begun)

Report: FCC Chairman will propose some ISP regulation 
(but the war has only begun)

http://bit.ly/aFZliA  (Washington Post)

Executive summary: In light of an outpouring of reaction over the last
few days, to what might have been a non-regulatory "trial balloon," FCC
Chairman Genachowski reportedly has now decided to propose a "hybrid"
approach to ISP regulation, landing somewhere between Title I and
Title II.

While I'm pleased to see evidence that the Chairman apparently is
moving forward to impose some level of regulatory scrutiny on ISPs, I
must emphasize the likely reality of any such paradigm, namely many
years of court and regulatory battles.

Keep in mind the fight that ensued after the Commission attempted to
impose exceptionally modest rules after the Comcast P2P blocking
incident.  Likely battles from new FCC regulatory moves related to
ISPs are sure to make those conflicts look like mere skirmishes in

Regardless of what the FCC does tomorrow and going forward, I strongly
feel that we -- as providers of Web-based services and the users who
depend upon those services, must begin taking matters into our own
hands to ensure -- irrespective of the legal and legislative fireworks
that are likely about to be unleashed -- that our Internet access usage is
no longer "owned" by ISPs, and that the Internet truly is for everyone.

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