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[ NNSquad ] Canada goes crazy

(Thanks to Aleks for this pointer)



The idea of charging people for bits consumed is a crazy idea since you
aren't consuming bits. We've been through this before - do I need to explain
once again how bad the idea is?


.         It creates scarcity. A copper wire (or fiber or radio) is just
sitting there idle. We limit how much can be used.

.         Even if there is a temporary constriction somewhere else it means
we can't use the capacity locally. To take it to an extreme imagine if there
is such a limit in your house - you can't copy too many files between your

.         FiOS VoD, for example, goes over IP through my router. I can't
watch much "TV" [sic] if the limit is applied to those bits. If the limit is
not applied we have a vertical playing field where the provider has all the

.         Any sane price doesn't allow making video affordable if we're
going to make the cost of other uses visible.

.         As with SMS any market that permits prices to be millions of time
cost (determined by competition with Moore's law) isn't really a market in a
useful sense. It's rent taking gone to hostage taking.


But basically it shows a deep inability to comprehend the very concept of
connectivity using best efforts. It's railroaders banning the use of roads
unless you buy a ticket for a ride every time you leave your driveway even
if it is just to reorder the cars in the driveway.


Others care to add to the reasons why this is crazy?



   [ And coming soon to a U.S. ISP near you (and me) too, I'll wager.
     Since the FCC chairman has shown no interest in including any
     sort of pricing or realistically effective competition-enhancing
     elements in his proposed "third-way" regulatory plan, the
     dominant ISPs are ensured a captive audience of users who will
     "pay through their noses until their skulls are a vacuum" (as one
     high level ISP executive expressed it to me yesterday --
     picturesque, this guy, and a master of invective as well ...)

         -- Lauren Weinstein
            NNSquad Moderator ]