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[ NNSquad ] Re: USPTO grants (inappropriate) patent to Amazon's Bezos

This was standard fare in timesharing companies back in the 60's and 70's
such as Interactive Data. We went a step further to create virtual cycles to
make up for any improvements wrought by better interfaces.

My Master's thesis was a reaction to resource charging arguing that end
users should see charges in meaningful terms not the machine resources
measurements common in those days. The idea was that a "solution provider"
would get raw charges but would be able to charge the user in application

What was novel, perhaps, is that the same system services that would be used
for billing for CPU cycles would be used by the applications providers for
their billing.
Maybe I should patent value-based pricing as an improvement of Amazon's
cycle-based pricing? 

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Subject: [ NNSquad ] USPTO grants (inappropriate) patent to Amazon's Bezos

USPTO grants (inappropriate) patent to Amazon's Bezos

http://bit.ly/cviLdZ  (Slashdot)

They've got to be kidding with this one.  In ancient times, before the
empire, at UCLA's Campus Computing Network (CCN -- c'mon, don't type
"CNN") both intramural and external accounts were charged in terms of "MUS"
- Machine Unit Seconds, which included a variety of system resources
factors.  MUS mapped to dollars and cents via various algorithms, leading to
the movement of both "virtual" and real money between accounts.  In fact,
the UCLA Computer Club sold punched cards (yes, in the early days we were
using 'em by the box) emblazoned with a moose image.  I'm positive I've got
a bunch of these around somewhere.

Another patently silly patent.

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