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[ NNSquad ] Garmin: The Shocking Costs of "Free" Navigation

Garmin: The Shocking Costs of "Free" Navigation

http://bit.ly/b8az4C  (Business Wire)

In this press release, Garmin (maker of standalone GPS units) warns of
potentially high data costs associated with using phone-based
navigation systems that depend on downloaded route data (in the case
of their tests, Google Navigation).  Worth noting (even in this era of
newly capped domestic data plans) is that Garmin's numbers appear to
be worst case scenarios based on roaming data charges.

"Android Guys" has an article that discusses the Garmin announcement,
and notes several mitigating factors and other issues that make the
Garmin release considerably less dramatic in context:

http://bit.ly/9Ijuip  (Android Guys)

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