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[ NNSquad ] Re: Upcoming Fifth Amendment argument against Net Neutrality

A better response ...

IANAL but ...

Is Lyons simply quibbling over price -- that we should compensate the
carriers for their change in value? If so then he's opening the door to
challenge to their control of local infrastructure. We can do a free-market
analysis of the value of their infrastructure as we return it to their

Let's do the math. The market sustains only one electric grid because it's a
fungible commodity without any differentiation. We choose sources but it's
not economical to have multiple distribution systems.

If we have 3 broadband systems for sharing (not distributing) bits (not
electrons) we have 3x the cost for 1x the value and worse as much as wasted
broadcasting to blank screens. What is the value in owning a pipe that
wouldn't survive in a free market.

Hmmm... time to mosey down Center Street to the college.

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Upcoming Fifth Amendment argument against Net Neutrality

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