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[ NNSquad ] inSecurity on Cell phones

I'm using "My Account" on my Vibrant -- it's a T-Mobile app to assist me
with my phone.

I just got a "Wi-Fi alert" telling me that it detected  Wi-Fi connection and
that for security reasons from account information and some downloads are
not available over Wi-Fi. It is offering to disable Wi-Fi for the session.

This seems to be a rather naive view of security. If anything this would
seem to be one of the simpler applications of encryption -- one for which
simply using https would be appropriate. After I said OK, I then got a 502
error for http://pda.callertunes.com/index.jsp?source=myaccount.

Eventually I did connect but declined to pay $1.49/month for the ability to
annoy my callers with custom tunes. Would it even work with Google Voice?

Yet another entry in my list of how the carriers don't get it. "My account"
seems to be T-Mobile's attempt to compete with Google in owning my
experience -- but no competition.