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[ NNSquad ] Google / Verizon "net neutrality" conference call complete - quick summary

A joint (very short notice) conference call between the Google and
Verizon CEOs has completed.  Very brief nutshell from my notes:

1) The firms vigorously deny that they made any carriage or related
   deals.  They declared recent reporting to the contrary to be totally

2) The firms set forth a "Joint Policy Agreement" including seven
   principles that they would like to see broadly implemented.

3) Of the seven principles, I view five of them as entirely

4) Principle #6 on different handling of wireline and wireless
   data invokes some issues that need to be discussed.

5) Principle #5 on the creation of "non-Internet" differentiated
   services (which Google's CEO pledged not to use) appears
   significantly problematic in a number of respects, and was
   (appropriately) the focus of virtually all questions on the call.

Google has posted the principles at:

http://bit.ly/cpO0bU  (Google Public Policy Blog)

I'll write up my thoughts on all this in more detail as
soon as possible.

NNSquad Moderator