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[ NNSquad ] Are Google and Verizon basically the same?

Google is a content delivery company. Just like Verizon is. They are both network operators with large fiber plants and they exchange traffic. They both make money on retail products.


The big difference is that Verizon currently owns retail (AKA broadband) fiber and cellular towers they use to sell their own services including “Internet” as part of the mix. Google’s makes its money from advertising.


There is a conflict to the extent that Verizon controls last mile (and I say last mile because so much of Google is about content delivery) so Google and Verizon need to make a deal. And they did.


Note though that Google is experimenting with retail fiber though it’s not clear how far they will go. Google is also now a virtual phone manufacturer so is also dependent upon Verizon as a distribution channel.


Very little about this is about the Internet per se. It’s more about turf. It’s not a moral battle between good and evil.


To the extent that it is about net neutrality it only affirms that some are more equal than others – far more equal.