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[ NNSquad ] Re: Is a CDN Non-Neutral?

To the extent that it's a network designed to deliver content vs. one
designed for peer exchange's not neutral. That's the problem with presuming
a purpose for the network as I've written
(http://rmf.vc/?n=IPPurposeVsDiscovery). Deciding on a purpose is implicitly

I do agree with Lauren that generally providing services like caching is not
a network function per se.

Rather than drawing arbitrary boundaries to decide what is and what isn't a
network function we need to shift the framing from networks as a service to
physical infrastructure which we can all use to do networking. My argument
is that normal market forces would rapidly provide enough capacity to moot
most gaming. That would mean having a community funding infrastructure
rather than naively relying on third parties who are maximizing service
revenue rather than providing opportunity.

If we have a level playing field (infrastructure) without gatekeepers then
we don't have to worry about those who want caching and more dark fiber.
They are not taking from us as much a adding capacity.

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Subject: [ NNSquad ] Is a CDN Non-Neutral?

Is a CDN Non-Neutral?

If a local network operator offers to "rent space" on a local server on a
non-discriminatory basis to all content providers, and only some of them
accept the offer, so that content gets to end-users much faster than content
located outside the local network, is the network non-neutral?

    [ The key concept is "non-discriminatory."  Edge-caching per se need not
be discriminatory, so need not be non-neutral.

        -- Lauren Weinstein
           NNSquad Moderator ]

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