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[ NNSquad ] Monitoring user logins via unsecure Wi-Fi networks

Monitoring user logins via unsecure Wi-Fi networks

http://bit.ly/cVyYrK   (Techcrunch - "An AOL Company")

The existence of the exploit ("Firesheep") described at 
http://bit.ly/d7nPNH  (Code Butler) should surprise nobody.

The browser plugin "workaround" described at the Techcrunch/AOL link
is useful as a transitional tool in the absence of integral crypto
protection, but what percentage of vulnerable users will be using it
in the long run?

Unsecured Wi-Fi is ... unsecure.  Unless end-to-end connections (wired
and wireless) are protected by strong encryption (and that does not
necessarily means SSL/TLS within the current certificate-based PKI
with all its problems) users will be increasingly vulnerable.

I'm now waiting for the privacy commissioners and other parties who
have had such a field day crucifying Google over *accidental* Wi-Fi
payload data collection to take a similar hard line against Firesheep
and the multitude of other purpose-built Wi-Fi payload monitoring tools
available for all manner of applications both fair and foul.

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