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[ NNSquad ] Expansive definitions of "Cybercrime"

----- Forwarded message from [name withheld on request] -----

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 20:16:33 +XXXX

On a tip from an Undisclosed Recipient, I took a look at


That's the official website of the US Department of Justice, their main
"cybercrime" page.  Now I've taken a look at some of their press releases,
and in with the email stalkers and financial criminals I find press
releases about indictments or convictions for these (alleged) crimes:

    making and selling counterfeit CDs and DVDs
    selling counterfeit drugs
    selling unlabeled pesticides for pets, and infringing a trademark
    theft of trade secrets
    selling counterfeit and misbranded drugs
    selling counterfeit computers
    possessing prohibited photographs or videos
    conspiracy, trafficking in counterfeit goods, and mail fraud
    selling counterfeit purses, handbags, wallets, and sunglasses
    selling counterfeit clothes and accessories
    selling counterfeit clothes

Cybercrime?  If I breathe while selling counterfeit sunglasses, have I
violated the Clean Air Act?  What makes all this into cybercrime?

"Ooooo, he sold counterfeit computers -- must be cybercrime!"  But where do
the sunglasses, prohibited photos, and trademark infringement come in?  Do
we have an agency in search of a mission?

It's pathetic.

In 1965 or 1966, Spider Magazine (of which I was a perp) published an
"Application For Continuation Of Existence" modeled to look like a tax
form: justify your right to continued existence, on a single page.  It
looks to me as if the US Justice Department has a cybercrime division
that's applying for continued existence.  Why they have to be so clueless
about it is a good question.

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