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[ NNSquad ] Re: U.S. may require jamming of cell phone use inside vehicles

I can't help but think about legislation requiring every car have a person
walking in front of it to assure that horses won't get scared. The idea that
one should use the DNS to control the net is bad enough. The idea that cell
phones have only one purpose -- talking while driving -- is just as dumb. If
we ban cell phones

*Passengers won't be able to communicate
*Navigation systems won't get or provide updates
*Medical monitors would fail
*Emergency SMS systems won't be able to warn you about weather conditions.

Well, fighting the last war is Congress' forte.

Next topic TSA probing every cavity ...

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U.S. may require jamming of cell phone use inside vehicles

http://bit.ly/deUpGb  (Daily Caller)

Two items on this for Secretary LaHood:

1) A dangerous and stupid idea for both technical and (ironically)
   safety reasons

2) Good (Blankin') Luck getting people to put up with this one

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