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[ NNSquad ] Permalink for ICANN letter re music industry and TLDs

Permalink for ICANN letter re music industry and TLDs

Gosh darn it.  I fell for it again.  I forgot that ICANN uses a
bizarre system of temporary links for most of the PDF docs they post,
and they rapidly expire (you'd have to ask ICANN why -- I can only

So if you haven't been able to access the link I sent out a bit
ago, that's the reason.  I've now archived the doc locally and
this link:

http://bit.ly/h0gdhx  (Lauren's Blog)

will be permanent.  I'll also take this opportunity to note that once
the ICANN gTLD flood is in full swing, the music industry will be but
a minor player in the plethora of individuals, organizations,
companies, and probably entire countries, that will be (quite rightly,
as far as I'm concerned) royally pissed off about ICANN's approval of
dot-ex-ex-ex, and -- if all goes according to ICANN plans -- hundreds
to thousands more TLDs to confuse consumers (but nicely fill ICANN's
coffers, thank you -- remember, only $185K to apply for a new TLD!)
Get out your credit card!

NNSquad Moderator