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[ NNSquad ] Re: Three days after Comcast takeover of NBC Universal, Keith Olbermann "ousted" from MSNBC

The ouster of Olbermann has been in the works since his suspension for ethics violations in November:


It would have complicated the merger talks to do it before now. He cost MSNBC too much in both money and credibility for the viewers he brought in.


 [ I won't prolong the readership's agony by extending this discussion here
   any longer now, except to note that Olbermann's supposed "ethics violations"
   (campaign contributions) were viewed by many observers as trumped-up charges
   that paled utterly in comparisons to the standard operating procedure of the
   GOP lackeys over at FOX.  After Jeff Zucker left NBCUni in the wake of the
   Comcast takeover bid, NBC's already decimated willingness to take any kind
   of progressive stands was utterly obliterated.  That's media consolidation
   for ya'!

       -- Lauren Weinstein
          NNSquad Moderator ]

On 1/21/2011 6:29 PM, Lauren Weinstein wrote:
Three days after Comcast takeover of NBC Universal approved
by FCC, liberal voice Keith Olbermann "ousted" from MSNBC

http://bit.ly/eFOJwr  (Mercury News)

Perhaps Comcast hopes to merge NBC News with FOX "News" next.
Just an idle thought.

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