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[ NNSquad ] Washington Post: "Rush is on for custom domain name suffixes"

Washington Post: "Rush is on for custom domain name suffixes"
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http://bit.ly/harwe8  (Washington Post)

      Lauren Weinstein, co-founder of People for Internet Responsibility, a
      grass-roots firm in Los Angeles, alleges that the new domains are
      designed purely to make money for ICANN and the companies that control
      the domains. The new Web addresses, he added, will only mean more
      aggravation for trademark holders and confusion for the average
      Internet user.

      Peter Dengate Thrush, chair of the ICANN board of directors, argued
      that the high application fee is based on the nonprofit's bet that
      it's going to get sued, and to protect against cybersquatters or other
      organizations ill equipped to manage an entire domain of hundreds, if
      not thousands of Web sites. "These critics are the same kind of people
      who said at the end of the 19th century that everything that's been
      invented has been invented," Thrush said. "Our job is to protect
      competition and give extra choices for consumers and entrepreneurs."

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