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[ NNSquad ] Time for the L.A. Times to Die [updated with Times announcement URL]

Time for the L.A. Times to Die
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I've lived in L.A. my entire life.  The Los Angeles Times has been
part of my life since I learned how to read -- in fact I remember
learning to read by sounding out words in Times articles.  I have long
urged people to support the L.A. Times through subscriptions and other

I now withdraw that support.

In recent years, this once great metropolitan newspaper has been
decimated by its recent masters at Tribune, but now comes word that
the Times is eating the Facebook poison apple -- and switching their
Technology Blog over to the stupendously invasive Facebook Commenting
system -- in the name of "uniformity" says the Times.  Oh and by the
way, all previous comments on the Technology Blog will vanish with
this change: http://j.mp/holfLg  (L.A. Times).

In "New Facebook Feature Empowers the Dangerous 'Comment Nazis' 
( http://j.mp/hQ36EA [Lauren's Blog] ) I explored why the Facebook
Comment system should be so strongly condemned.

The adoption by the Times of this system is the last straw.  A once
leading stalwart of journalism has sold its soul to the devil as far
as I'm concerned.

It's time to let the L.A. Times die.

Otis Chandler must be spinning -- or perhaps crying -- in his grave.

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