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[ NNSquad ] "Facebook Comments" Strategic Surveillance Services!

              "Facebook Comments" Strategic Surveillance Services!


Greetings.  I've certainly made no secret of my very negative feelings
towards the new incarnation of Facebook Comments that is being rapidly
adopted by many Web sites, particularly news-related sites.  As I
noted in "New Facebook Feature Empowers the Dangerous 'Comment Nazis'"
( http://j.mp/hQ36EA [Lauren's Blog] ) I believe that this Facebook
Comments system in particular is a significant threat to free speech.

However, I do want to be fair.  Not everything about Facebook Comments
is so bad.  In fact, it appears that there's a bundle of money to be
made by using Facebook Comments for "intelligence" purposes ...

  - - - - - - - - -

Contact: Milo M. Munchhausen / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Phone: (703) 555-0099 Extension 666


April 1, 2011 - Internet Unlimited Analytics Surveillance Services
(IUASS) of McLean, Virginia has announced an exciting expansion of its
Internet surveillance and analysis services to include a wide range of
features for surveillance exploitation and information analysis
related to the "One Identity" Facebook Comments system, now being
rapidly adopted as the only supported commenting system by both major
and minor Web sites around the world.

Up until now, leveraging of Facebook data by law enforcement,
insurance companies, and a broad variety of other enterprises -- for
the locating and profiling of malcontents, underage violators,
insurance fraud perpetrators, and other undesirables -- has been
largely a manual process, often involving human observation of photos
posted by Facebook users.

This all changes with the Facebook Comments system.  By leveraging the
fact that most Facebook users will only maintain a single identity
within the Facebook ecosystem, and the new Facebook Comments
requirement that all comments posted by a user at any participating
site on the Internet must be publicly tagged with their Facebook
identity, an enormous new range of surveillance and analysis
possibilities have arrived, courtesy of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's
"You Only Should Have One Identity on the Internet" vision.  Mr.
Zuckerberg's prescient and brilliant philosophy, by forcing most users
of the Facebook Comment system to be fully identified for every
comment that they post on all participating sites, regardless of topic
or sensitivity, has enabled the ultimate linking of all aspects of
persons' lives -- professional, personal, public, and private -- into
a seamless continuum ripe for deep penetration, analysis, and
appropriate exploitation.

IUASS' first new service to take advantage of the Facebook Comments
surveillance potential, called FCUTO (Facebook Comments Unlimited
Tracking Observer), currently offers two primary operational modes:

*Target Mode* - When the Facebook ID of a particular person is already
known, FCUTO Target Mode will automatically search the Web to gather,
analyze, and report (via fully-customizable dossiers) complete data
regarding all sites and instances on the Internet (participating in
the Facebook Comments system) where the target ID has posted comments.
In addition to creating cross-indexed lists of sites and specific
comments related to the target ID, the FCUTO service automatically
determines the "Undesirability Index" (UI) for the target, based on a
complex analysis of the sites visited, and the comments posted, by the

Insurance companies can determine if a target has commented in
self-incriminating manners on sites discussing HIV/AIDS.  Employers
can learn if employees are making negative comments about their 
firm -- or positive comments about competitors -- and take appropriate
punitive actions.  Political groups can use FCUTO to verify that their
members are not commenting on sites or in ways that could reflect
badly on the group, or can use FCUTO to find potential gold mines of
"dirty laundry" that could be used to tarnish the reputations of

*Search Mode* - FCUTO Search Mode is even more powerful.  In Search
Mode, you do not need to specify any individual target.  Instead, you
merely specify the topics, attributes, issues, or other parameters of
interest, and FCUTO automatically creates indexed databases of all
Facebook Comment user IDs that meet the required criteria anywhere on
the Web.  You can then use FCUTO Target Mode to build complete
dossiers on specific targets of interest who were revealed via Search

For example, you might want to locate all Facebook IDs where the user
has left Facebook Comments on news sites supporting liberal causes or
criticizing public officials, while also commenting on sites
discussing particular issues such as sexual matters, medical problems,
or other data of potential value -- depending on your specific target
goal sets and operational methodologies.

Under normal conditions without FCUTO, it would be impractical to
correlate the public and private lives of so many individuals in a
useful manner, but FCUTO, through the genius of Facebook Comments,
enables all of this and much more!

Of course, FCUTO includes features to correlate collected data and
created dossiers with all other data posted on Facebook by targeted
individuals, and to cross-reference with public record data and
private commercial databases.  You'll know far more about your targets
than they know about themselves!

    #  #  #

For more information about using FCUTO to leverage Facebook Comments
for your firm, organization, agency, or other enterprise, please
contact Milo M. Munchhausen at (703) 555-0099 Extension 666, or via
email: milo@iuass.com

  - - -

"Yes. This posting is a satire."
  - - -
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