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[ NNSquad ] Re: How the Assault on Netflix Will Shake Out

While this article is about the business there's the obvious interplay with
caps. It's clear that there are many players whose business is adversely
affected by caps.

One big streamer is NBCU. After all isn't television just another streaming
source? This places Comcast in an interesting position since NBCU is its
future and capped transport is its past. ATT and Verizon don't seem to have
comparable options. Time-Warner is another content source. What are its
relationships with TWC and do they now have conflicting incentives?

There's another factor here -- Akamai. What is the difference between Akamai
and a cable head end? If content is cached locally what is the rationale for
having a cap on local traffic?

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How the Assault on Netflix Will Shake Out

http://j.mp/hp55MZ  (Hollywood Reporter)

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