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[ NNSquad ] "Why I'm not on Google Plus" [Identity/Naming Issues] (from "Charlie's Diary)

"Why I'm not on Google Plus" [Identity/Naming Issues] (from "Charlie's Diary)

http://j.mp/omrgZM  (Charlie's Diary)

    "There are any number of valid, reasonable, and in most cases legal
     reasons for not wanting to use your real name on Google Plus, or for
     wanting to use a number of different names simultaneously for
     overlapping circles of contacts. And there are many reasons why these
     names may not be known to any official ID-document issuing

 - - -

I'm not endorsing "Charlie's" views regarding G+ as posted, but I'm passing
his posting along for discussion since it does touch on a number of
relevant aspects of the associated identity/naming controversies.

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