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[ NNSquad ] "Subsidizing Netflix" (from "Broadband for America")

"Subsidizing Netflix" (from "Broadband for America")

http://j.mp/oDX7Se  (Mercury News)

   "The reality is that Netflix and similar services want a free ride on
    the networks built with more than $250 billion in design, engineering,
    manufacturing, construction and maintenance -- a system that now
    provides broadband services to 95 percent of American households."

 - - -

In case you're unfamiliar with "Broadband for America" -- "DSL Reports" less than
two years ago described them as:

  "Same Lobbying Crap. New Name. Meet the cable and phone undustry's
   latest astroturf attempt": 

       http://j.mp/qMmMHO  (DSL Reports)

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