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[ NNSquad ] Re: FCC upset about "cell phone logjam" after D.C. quake

The cellular system is designed to fail because if you can't bill for a bit
you have to block it.

As Tom Evlsin reminded us at Telecom 2018, on 9/11 the Internet and VoIP
proved resilient. If you provide wired<=>wireless routers (AKA access
points) along the wired path then you get the best of path then you get
resilience. As long as any path works you've got connectivity. Especially if
the wired bits could hop failed wired segments using radios.

During the transition we can do Cellular over IP (CoIP) which T-Mobile
supports ... but ATT does not and has explicitly not committed to retain if
they get control of T-Mobile.

    [ Speaking in terms of the existing infrastructure for now, I had
      long been under the impression that cell phones were supposed to
      be able to access any frequency/modulation capable network for
      911 calls, even if the phone isn't registered on those networks
      -- even if the phone didn't have a SIM.  But clearly that doesn't
      work most of the time -- if at all anymore -- with modern phones.
               -- Lauren Weinstein
                  NNSquad Moderator ]


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FCC upset about "cell phone logjam" after D.C. quake

http://j.mp/pm4xiF  (CNN)

    "The Federal Communications Commission says it is looking into the
     failures of cell phone service that occurred Tuesday afternoon after
     the East Coast earthquake. For as long as an hour after the quake,
     wireless customers in Washington and elsewhere reported being unable
     to get calls through."

 - - -

I'll admit I laughed out loud as I read this story.  All it takes is a
trembler in their own back yard, and suddenly the FCC cares about cell
network reliability, something those of us in areas where natural
disasters are common have been talking about for many years.

And how long before AT&T starts running ads claiming this will never
happen again if they're allowed to merge with T-Mobile?
Go tell it to the judge, AT&T.  In a pig's eye.

Even with ten times the spectrum, wireless can't compete with wired
systems for capacity during emergencies, by their very natures.  Many
of us have been warning of this for ages, as more and more people have
abandoned their wired phones, lulled by the carriers into thinking
that wireless will be just as reliable during disasters, with power
failure issues just one key aspect.

Oh, and don't miss the part of the article where "LTE" is touted as a
mechanism for prioritizing 911 calls!

Send in the clowns.

NNSquad Moderator